Need to solver skin staining issue rapidly and securely? In the event that truly, at that point contact with our experienced dermatologist of Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio. Our medicines improve your skin complexion and upgrade your morale. 


Skin cells offers tone to skin by delivering a substance known as melanin. Pigmentation is another type of skin problem in which skin cells get harmed or undesirable and they influence melanin creation. Some pigmentation problems influence just a piece of face while others influence the whole body. Here are three regular pigmentation issues: 

Types of Pigmentation


In this condition, skin cells produces abundance melanin consequently skin looks darker than expected. Indeed, even injuries and scar depart dull earthy colored and dark patches on skin. A few signs of hyper pigmentation are aging spots, moles, skin colorations, and so on.


It is a condition in which skin cells don't create enough melanin. It happens generally after burn, infection, blister, ulcer, or disease. Skin loses some shading colors on influenced region. 


This condition occurs during pregnancy. Dim earthy colored checks or patches show up over the cheeks, bridge of nose and the neck. Typically, these imprints vanish after pregnancy yet in some cases they persevere for long time. 

Pigmentation Treatments

Here are two basic medicines that manage skin pigmentation issue. 

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) 

Chemical Peels

At Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio, our dermatologist looks at your skin to decide how profound pigmentation is. On the off chance that this difficult scopes to profound layer of skin then they ordinarily recommend IPL. Be that as it may, on the off chance that pigmentation is close to the top skin surface, at that point they encourage a patient to go through chemical Peel. 


It is a skin rejuvenation system that gradually and incredibly clears lopsided pigmentation, spotting and redness. Composition of patient turns out to be reasonable. Outcome is smooth clear skin with no dull fixes or shades. At Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio, our dermatologist utilizes IPL to treat skin staining issue in a powerful manner. 


In this laser treatment, a light emission various frequencies of light is utilized for separating aggregated spots of melanin. What's more, this treatment likewise manages regions that are strangely red. It is among the best treatment that let you manage pigmentation in a genuine manner. 


This treatment brings numerous advantages for you, for example, 


The patient should comprehend the danger related with this treatment before he goes through it. 

It is consistently suggested to pick a experienced, well-trained and skillfull dermatologist. A few people pick unexperienced dermatologist for setting aside their cash however they never realize they should pay the expense of this saving later on; scarring and burns happen when an unexperienced and untrained specialist treat you. Accordingly, it's fitting to get some assistance of our expert dermatologist who realizes how to treat pigmentation with IPL is a protected way. 

Recovery Time & Results

Well, there is no specific time that is mean patient can continue his normal work from exceptionally following day. Redness and growing will vanish inside 1-3 days. For the most part, you need to finish a course of 4-6 meetings for getting noticeable final result. Nonetheless, you can see gleaming energetic skin soon after first meeting. You can feel a lift in self-assurance since you will have reasonable and energetic appearance liberated from any spot through this treatment. 


In the event that you don't have extreme type of pigmentation then CHEMICAL PEEL is the most ideal approach to manage this skin issue. Various sorts of substance strip methodology have been utilized to eliminate pigmentation. Nonetheless, every CHEMICAL PEEL TREATMENT is very protected and intended to revive your skin. 


In this method, dermatologist initially scrubs your skin and afterward he applies a thick layer of chemical on skin. He hangs tight for 10-15 minutes, and peel off the cover and neutralizes the skin. Chemical peel is utilized to peel the top layer of skin and for blurring and eliminating the dim spots and shades. Moreover, it likewise manages other skin issues, for example, skin inflammation scars, wrinkles, scarce differences, and so forth 


There is no vacation; you can return to fill in when you need. You feel redness and expanding for one to two days. Results are amazing. You get fresher, more youthful looking, and more advantageous and even skin tone. 

There is no reason to lose your MORALE because of your anomalous light or brown complexion tone. You are encouraged to contact with our accomplished dermatologists of Dr. Kashif Aesthetic Studio any time and set an appointment. They will analyze your skin pigmentation issue. They provide the treatment that is right according to your need.